Although people might think that makeup is reserved for people “who just want to look better” on TV or in film, actually; makeup may be required to just retain a subject’s normal appearance. This is because the television and film processes to some degree can introduce (or make obvious) undesirable attributes to skin tones and features. Colour U Cosmetics can be used in several ways:

• Basic – Designed to compensate for undesirable changes in appearance introduced by the television process.

• Corrective – designed to enhance positive attributes and downplay flaw

• Character – which introduces major changes in appearance

Colour U Cosmetics has a full array of products such as foundations for flawless coverage. We offer eye shadows, blush and bronzer for your highlights & contours.

Our lipsticks, lip glosses and dual powders provide a matte high fashion finish! All of our products are formulated for LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!